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The world is now moving much faster than what it did generations ago. Our lives have become too much fast-paced in today’s times. To cope with the hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, we need more energy and have to reduce the number of sleeping hours. This is the reason why people prefer to go for energy and health drinks. Popular brands come up with Strongest Energy Drink to cater to the needs of the masses. Let us now check out the brands that are known for creating strong energy drinks.

Redline: The strongest energy drink

Among all the manufacturers of energy drinks in the market, Redline is thought to produce the strongest drink ever. The energy drinks from Redline packs a fabulous energy punch that averages around more than 39mg caffeine per fluid ounce. The miracle drink is much sought after by the athletes and body builders who want more fat loss results. It is available in several flavors like RTD, Xtreme, Redline Liquid Caps. In fact, the caffeine content varies from flavor to flavor.

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Spike shooter: The extremely strong energy drink

Spike Shooter is another strong energy drink that packs in 35.7mg caffeine per fluid ounce. This is again a very tempting figure for the bodybuilders. Containing the proprietary mixture of diet supplements energy, the drink includes pure caffeine and also several stimulants. You cannot consume more than half the can each time.

Cocaine: The whooping energy drink

Cocaine energy drink is very strong energy drink which has impressive 33mg caffeine per ounce and thus it is 3.5 times much stronger than the energy drink, Red Bull. The Cocaine energy drink also has a good taste. It tastes similar to that of berry and pepper which is further sweetened with Dextrose, the simple sugar. There is no use of fructose sweetener here.

Monster M3: Drawing inspiration from drinks of Thailand

Monster M3 again packs around 32mg caffeine per fluid ounce. So, we can say that this energy drink is the much more standard version of an average energy drink. The concentrated version of the average energy drink has impressive taste and aroma. In fact, it draws inspiration from the popular energy drinks of Thailand.

Speed Shot Intensity: The best supplement for fitness and bodybuilding

This is again a very powerful energy drink which packs in 29.4mg caffeine in each ounce. It is produced by the American Body Building. Marketed as the fitness and energy supplement, the drink is recommended to be used just half an hour prior to exercise. The beverage, Speed Shot is totally sugar-free and thus the option is extremely healthy. It is much better to consume sugar-free health drink than others.

Looking to increase your workout results? Go for Bang Energy drink

Containing 22.3 mg caffeine per ounce, Bang Energy Drink is just perfect for the ones who are looking to boost their workout results by increasing the workout duration. If you wish to exercise with more intensity, try out Bang Energy Drink. This energy drink is best marketed as the energy stimulant which can also help in reducing the weight. You may buy the drink in several flavors like Lemon Drop, Champagne, Blue Razz and Power Punch. The drink is rich in Vitamin B, Creatine, amino acids, etc.

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Wired X344 Energy drink

The total amount of caffeine in Wired X344 Energy Drink is 21.5mg of caffeine per ounce of fluid. Wired X344 is the new version of Wired X294 energy drink. The name upon the can reflects the amount of caffeine in the health drink. Per serving of X344 energy drink has around 54gms of sugar content. To better the taste of the drink, the brand has also imbibed sweeteners.

CoMotion Energy Drink for an energy boost

CoMotion Energy Drink has 20mg of caffeine in each ounce of fluid. Although it occupies number-8 in the ranking of top 8 strong energy drinks, still it gives a very decent energy boost. In most of the health food stores, you can find this energy drink.

If you are looking for the names of strongest energy drinks, you can check out the top 8 names given above. Indeed, drinks such as Rockstat Energy, Redbull, Monster Energy and full throttle are rated as the strongest.